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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design and develop ETL pipelines with external services, including client wrappers.
  • Participate in designing and implementing foundational layers, including data models, workflow, and storage systems.
  • Perform DataOps, including data correction and schema evolution migration.

Job requirements:

  • 1 year+ in Python, a basic understanding of Java.
  • Basic knowledge of Git, *NIX; Kubernetes is a plus.
  • A hungry learner and a good writer. You will be the subject matter expert at a variety of external integrated services. Adaptability and a strong sense of quality communication and documentation will be great edges.
  • Have an appreciation of sound and evolvable data schema design. On the opposite side, having a solid sense and ability to detect schema design smells.

Special Benefits:

  • Be trained with data engineering experts and specialists.
  • Being a part of the incredible team building PrimeData CDP – the pioneering science-first customer data & experience platform.

The deadline for submission: 31/12/2023


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